Holidays Scavenger Hunt Game Multiplication facts

The purpose of this game is to encourage students to practice the multiplication facts and find patterns and relations on the table that will help them gain fluency and automaticity with the multiplication facts.

This is a Holiday-themed multiplayer game that you can play with your students near the holidays or give it as a holiday activity that they can do with their parents, siblings, or friends. It is a low-floor high ceiling game since it is played on the table and the answers are right there. Print and digital Version included.

Print Version


  • 2 10-face dice
  • game board
  • scavenger cards one for each player
  • pencils or markers (if the board is laminated)

How to play

The numbers on the table/board hide a picture each. The same 10 pictures are on the scavenger (picture) cards. The players take one each. The players take turns rolling the two dice. They multiply the numbers and find the product on the table. They mark the picture that the product hides on their bingo card. The first player to mark all the pictures on their card wins. Since the products on the table repeat, the players can choose the number with the picture they need to finish their card.

If you cannot find the picture you need with the product you get at your turn you just wait for your next turn.

Find the print files and the google slides version of the game below. The google slides version uses a spinner instead of dice.

Google slides version

If you are looking for a more challenging game try this variation of the game that uses a spinner and is played on the 100 chart. This version helps students practice multiples, prime numbers, and square numbers. print and google slides version included.

Scavenger Hunt challenge

More versions of the game

Place value, addition, subtraction 100

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