Division Facts- Mini-Games (Print and google slides version)

These mini-games offer a fun way for students to practice the division facts up to 12. Similar to the Multiplication facts mini games they allow the students to practice one table at a time. 10 mini-game boards are included.

Print Version


  • One 6 face dice
  • Color pencils, a different color for each player
  • Place markers

How to play

Each mini-board has 2 sets of numbers. The inner colored rectangle contains the dividends and the outer contains the quotients. The number in the middle is the divisor. The players move around the inner rectangle and mark/color numbers on the outer one. They place their place marker on the smallest number on the inner rectangle (the same number as the divisor), roll the dice, and move. When a player lands on a number they divide it by the number in the middle. Then they find the quotient/answer on the outer rectangle and mark/color it with their color. After a few turns, many of the answers will be taken so you might not find an answer for each turn. In this case, you just patiently wait for your next turn.

The first player to mark/color four tiles connected wins. (corners count) The players can stop each other from winning by coloring tiles that come in their way of connecting 4. For a longer game, you can continue until all the tiles are colored and count at the end to see who got the most tiles.

Here are the files to print and the google slides version to play virtually.

Google slides version

The google slides version uses a spinner instead of dice.

We hope you find these games useful.