Print to play-Array Battle

Starting with multiplication

Grades2 and up

2-4 players/teams

Array Battle is another game to play using array cards to practice multiplication. The game helps students practice multiplication as repeated addition and understand the properties of multiplication. It is similar to Blockus and “Fit the Facts”. It also helps to practice area of rectangles.


  • Print out of the game board.
  • Print out of the array cards.
  • 2 face 6 dice
  • Magnetic paper (optional)


Be the first one to finish your arrays or the one with the most arrays on the board. (if playing with more than two players)

How to play

The players take one color of arrays (all of the arrays of that color). They take turns rolling the two dice. They get two numbers from their roll. They multiply those numbers and look for the array that models that multiplication. They place the correct array on the board starting from their side of the board. Every new array has to touch one of their previous ones. They can use the properties of multiplication. If they roll 5×6 they can place a 2×6 and a 3×6. (associative property of multiplication). If they roll 4×2 they can place down two 2×2. For the students that are getting comfortable with multiplication, they can also place different arrays with the same product. For example, if they roll 3 and 4 which is 12 they can place down a 2×6 array.

If you area practicing area you will roll once for the width and once for the height of the rectangle.

When you roll doubles you get to remove one of the opponents’ arrays from the board (give it back) instead of placing one of yours.

Up to four players/pairs/teams can play. (since each player takes a side and a color)

The first player to place all their arrays wins. If more than two players play that will not be possible so in that case, the player with the most arrays on the board is the winner.

It is a good idea to laninate the game-board and paste magnetic paper at the back. You can do the same with the array cards. This way the arrays stick to the board and it makes the game a lot more fun. It is a bit of work but you get a great math station to use for a long time.

It can also be used as a single student activity. With the new situation of social distancing you can print s few game boards and students can take a color of arrays each. This way they can play from far tying to fill their own board and compete.


The students can also just color the array every time instead of placing them on the board. In this case the rule “When you roll doubles you get to remove one of the opponents’ arrays from the board (give it back) instead of placing one of yours.” doesn’t apply. It’s a good way to try the game before you do all the work.

Here are the files to print and play

If you have a good collection of lego bricks you can play this game with lego bricks on a lego base. I haven’t found enough sizes of lego bricks to have all the arrays but I am looking:)

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