Free print to play-Array Maze

Grades 2 and up

Arrays are a perfect way to first introduce multiplication and start practicing the multiplication facts. This new game aims to help students practice multiplication by finding the correct array after multiplying two numbers. While playing students gain visual understanding of the multiplication facts and the multiplication properties.


  • Two face 6 dice (or use the spinner)
  • A place marker for each player

Goal: Be the first player to go through and exit the Array Maze.

How to play

The players take turns rolling the two dice. They look for the array that models their two numbers multiplied. They need to get an array from the first (left) line to start. Once they are in the maze every turn they must move to any of the arrays that touch the array they are in, (on any side) to make their way to the last (right) line to exit the maze. If their rolled numbers match the neighboring arrays they can choose one and move, otherwise, they wait for their next turn.

If you laminate the game board the players can use a white board marker and mark their path by connecting the new array they move onto every time. Then they can use that path to write down the arrays and solve them.


The first player to reach the bottom line (land on an array on the last line) wins.

Modify for better practice

You can ask the players to write down the product of their numbers by finding the array anywhere on the board if you think that the students are ready to move to the next level. For example, they can write 3×5=15 after counting the tiles on the array. This way when they roll 4×5 they will make the connection. Discuss about which numbers they need to roll next to have the best chance to move ahead. Ask questions like: Do you need a big array next? If you roll a 3 on one dice what should the other dice roll be? When entering the maze ask which rolls are the lucky ones?

If you have a good collection of lego bricks you can make the maze with lego bricks as well. Place the lego bricks on a base and create the maze to play the same way. Most of our bricks are 2×4, 2×3, and 1×2 so we used the print-out board.

More array games and task-cards coming soon!

Find the link to the free google slides version here

Here is the pdf to print and play. You can laminate the game board so that it lasts longer.