Converting Improper fractions to Mixed Numbers – Games

Today I would like to share with you some games to practice converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and the reverse. Students often need to turn mixed numbers into improper fractions to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. They need to convert improper fractions into mixed numbers to get a simpler version of the number.

Once the students understand the concept with visual models they can use the algorithm to convert which is division or multiplication.

I have designed these simple games for my students to practice converting and also practice their multiplication and division skills.

How to play

2-6 players/pairs

You need

The game board print-out, one 6 face dice, color pencils one color for each player

Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers.

The students start from any green tile on the inner (grey) rectangle/path. They roll six-face dice and move in any direction. Once they land on a tile they convert that fraction to a mixed number. They find the mixed number on the outer rectangle/path and mark it with their colored pencil. (green tiles are used as the other ones and can be marked). If the number is already marked you wait for your next turn. the first player to mark 3 connected numbers is the winner. For a longer game, you can play until all the tiles are marked. The player with the most marked tiles wins.

Converting mixed numbers to improper fractions

To convert mixed numbers to improper fractions you use the outer rectangle/path to move on and you mark the “answers” on the inner rectangle/path.


The fact that you can move in any direction gives you a chance to move closer to the number you need to make 3 connected ones.

Discussions and matching activities

I also use the boards for discussions and as a worksheet type of activity where the students color the matching improper-mixed number in the same color or pattern. The students can correct themselves and rethink their answer if it is not on the board.


On the first board, only some of the tiles have improper fractions that are not simplified while their mixed numbers show the simplified version. This is to challenge the students in finding the answer and think about simplifying it as well.

On the second board (challenge) all the improper fractions need to be simplified to get to the mixed number on the outer rectangle/path. Some students will simplify before converting and some prefer to do it after.

If you choose to practice converting mixed numbers to improper fractions using the second board the students will need to find the equivalent fraction of the simple ones so it is a good way to practice equivalent fractions as well. For example 2 3/5 = 13/5= 26/10

I hope that you find these games useful. Find the free gameboard below.

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