Earth Day Math Games-Recycle Spin

Earth day is near and it is time for some Earth Day math games. The game below is called Recycle spin and it’s a four in a row game. The game comes in a print and google slides version. Also heck out “Plant a tree”a gama to practice 1/2 digit addition and subtraction.


  • Game board print out.
  • One 12 face dice or two 6 face dice.
  • Printed spinner board. You can print or paste the spinner on card stock and create the arrow with a paper clip. If you don’t want to use a spinner you can roll a 6 face dice and assign each roll to one of the spinner’s indications.
  • Different colors whiteboard markers if you laminate the game board or color pencils.

How to play

The players take turns spinning the spinner and rolling the dice. You can roll a 12 face dice or two 6 face ones and add the numbers. You need to get a number from 1-12. The spinner will give them a recyclable material category (paper, glass, plastic, steel, aluminum, compost). The dice roll will give them a number 1-12 . They need to find a tile with a multiple of the number they rolled that has a picture of an object that belongs to the category they got from the spinner. Once they do they mark it. For example, I spin paper and roll number 4. I need to look for a multiple of 4 that belongs to the paper category like the newspaper. If you cannot find a matching tile you wait for your next turn.

The first player to mark four in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally wins. The players need to mark tiles in order to stop the opponent from getting four in a row. You can continue for most four in a row for a longer game.

Find the game board to print below

I have created google slides versions of the games as well for remote teaching.

Recycle spin-multiplication/division facts google slides version

I hope that you find this game useful.

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