Addition to 20 Scavenger Hunt game- Holiday Edition

This is a winter holiday-themed game for students to practice addition to 20. The game is played on the transformed addition table which makes it easier for the students to find the answers if they need to. A low floor high ceiling game for all students to enjoy. We hope that you find it useful. The game is available in print and digital (google slides version)

Print version


  • game board
  • scavenger cards
  • 2 face-10 dice, or a pile of playing cards or UNO cards numbers 1-10
  • pencils or white board markers if you laminate the cards.

How to play

The players take one scavenger card each. They take turns rolling the two dice or picking 2 cards. They add the numbers and find the sum on the table. The numbers hide a picture. They mark that picture on their scavenger card.

The first player to mark all their pictures on their cards wins.

Since the sums repeat on the table the players can choose the number that gives them the picture they need to finish their card.

Below is the print files to download and the google slides version of the game. The google slides version uses a spinner instead of dice or cards.

Google slides version

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