Simplifying Fractions – Equivalent Fractions Game

Today I would like to share with you a little game to practice simplifying fractions and finding equivalent ones. Once the students understand the concept with visual models they can use the algorithm to simplify and find equivalent using division or multiplication. To be successful in simplifying fractions the students should be fluent with their multiplication and division facts. Here are some scaffolding activities to help you achieve that and some games to make practice fun.

Simplifying Fractions – Equivalent Fractions Game

You need

The game board print out, one or two 6 face dice, color pencils one color for each player, and place markers.

2 to 6 players

How to play


Take turns. The students start from any green tile on the outer rectangle/path. Roll 1 or 2 dice and move in any direction. Once you land on a tile simplify that fraction to the simplest form.  Mark it on the inner rectangle/path with your color pencil. (One color for each player.) If the tile is already marked you wait for your next turn. 

The first player to mark 3 connected tiles is the winner. 


The fact that you can move in any direction gives you a chance to move closer to the fraction you need to make 3 connected ones. Some answers repeat so you have a choice which one to mark.

Equivalent fractions

To practice finding equivalent fractions (greater numbers) you can use the inner rectangle/path to move on and you mark the “answers” on the outer rectangle/path.

Below is the free print game board.

Below is the premium version that includes the google slides version.

Premium version

I hope that you find this game useful.