Time/clock cards for memory, card games and activities

Playing games is a great way to practice time and reading the clock. Today I am sharing a collecton of cards to use for memory games as well as card games.

The games help students practice

  • Reading the clock, o’clock, half past, a quarter past and to, twenty-five, twenty, ten five past and to.
  • Matching digital to analog clocks. The analog clock cards are separated into parts for better understanding and practice.
  • Matching digital and analog clocks to the word form.

Find some tips for teaching time along with print and digital activities below


Game 1-Memory games

The cards come in tree types, analog clock faces, digital clocks, word form.

Use the cards for a memory game. Select 2 types of cards (ex.analog clock+digital clock) out of the three. There are 40 in each type so you can select the ones that your students have been taught.( for example only o’clock and half past) The students turn the cards upside down and pick two at a turn. They check if they show the same time. Since they need to pick/turn one of each kind you need to print each pagre/type of cards on a different color paper so that the back of each type will be different. I use A4 light colors card stock like light blue, light pink grey or yellow.

Some of my students like to play with all three types and a smaller number of cards. It makes the memory part of the game more challenging. I have separated the cards into two games/bundles. If your students know all the concepts you can separate the cards into two games ( by finding the matching pairs or trios) and place them in different envelopes.

Game 2-Time out!

This game can be played with the analog clock face cards. For this game, you need to use the spinners below. You can print the spinner or use the digital version. pdf included.

Deal 6 cards to each player. Keep the rest of the cards in a deck face down at the side. The players take turns spinning the spinner. Each time each player needs to place down a clock card that matches the indication of the spinner. If a player doesn’t have a matching one they need to draw a new card. If a player has two or more of the type that the spinner indicates they get to choose a player to take 2 more cards. (like in uno) The first player to finish their cards is the winner. A simples spinner is included for practicing the basic concepts.

More activities

Apart form the games you can use the cards for other learning activities such as

  • Give a number of mixed matching cards to each group/pair to separate the pairs or trios. This can be a competitive or timed activity.
  • Give clock cards to the students to write the word form or the opposite.
  • Play a fun scavenger hunt game. Place cards with clocks around the classroom. Make sure they are visible. Stick one on the window, on the door, on the ceiling, board, floor …you get the point. Give the students a sheet with the times of the clocks in word form. They need to find the location for each of the time. For example, A quarter to five. It’s the clock on the window. The students work in teams and you can add the competitive element if you want.

I hope that you find these games useful. Find the cards to print here

Check out our collection of print and digital activities that includes

  • Explanations for each concept, o’clock, half past, quarter past and to, minutes, seconds,
  • Understanding the clock- placing the numbers for hours and minutes.
  • Reading and writing time to the hour.
  • Reading and writing time to the half-hour.
  • Reading and writing time to the quarter-hour.
  • Reading and writing time to the nearest 5,10,25,20 minutes.
  • seconds
  • discussions
  • puzzles