Block it! Single-player game-Multiplication/Division facts

Another version of block it! this time single-player. Single-player games come in handy when you need to provide individual students with fun ways to practice skills. Find the two-player version here. The students find the answers on the multiplication table and try to beat the bot at getting four in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. A fun game to practice the multiplication and division facts and become familiar with the multiplication table. A low floor-high ceiling game that doesn’t require memorization. Practicing with the multiplication table is a stress-free way to gain automaticity and fluency with the multiplication facts. A great addition to your virtual learning tool kit.

Try the game below. Refresh to play again.

Send your students this link to play the game on their ipad or computer.

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Block it multiplayer-google slides version

Block it multiplayer -print version

Block it – two player web game

Block it -addition

We hope that you find this game useful.

Try the digital game below to place the missing numbers on the multiplication table.