Divide Ride – A division game

My students are always asking for new games and since we don’t really have a division game apart from the mini division games that practice the division facts I decided to create a new game that helps to practice division with the remainder as well. This is a simple race game however students like it because it is fast and competitive.


  • Print out of the game board
  • One 6 face dice
  • One 10 face dice or a pile of number cards (playing cards or Uno cards) to pick from.
  • Place markers, one for each player
  • A multiplication table for the players to use if needed.

How to play

For each round, a player rolls the 6 face dice and everyone moves ahead that many steps. Once they land on a number (the same for everyone for the first roll) the players take turns rolling the 10 face dice or pick a card. They need to divide the number they are at (dividend) by the number they rolled (divisor). They move forward as many steps as the quotient and come back as many steps as the remainder. Since each player will roll a different divisor they will end up in a different tile. For example, The 6 face dice rolled a 5. We all move 5 steps and I get to number 27. Then I roll the face 10 dice to get myself a divisor. I roll 7 27÷7=3 remainder 6. So I move 3 steps forward and 6 steps backward.

If you land on a blue tile on either roll you can jump to the next blue tile. If you land on an orange tile you have to go back to the previous orange tile. (if there is one).

The first player to pass 100 is the winner.

If you would like to make the game a bit more competitive between players you can decide that when a player lands on a blue tile they can choose one opponent to move back to the previous blue tile or choose to move themselves to the next blue tile. The blue tile works in your favor whereas the orange takes you back.

How to use the multiplication table.

Let’s say you have landed on 46 and you rolled 6 as a divisor. You look on the column or row of 6 for the closest multiple of 6 to 46. The closest is 42 42÷6=7 remainder 4. This means you move 7 tiles ahead and 4 tiles back.

We hope you find this game useful.

Below is the free game board and a multiplication table to print.

Find the premium version of this game with the google slides version included here