Area Maze (print and digital)

This game aims to help students practice the area of rectangles and is a variation of a previous game called Array Maze that was designed to practice multiplication. The game is pretty much the same since to find the area of rectangles we need to multiply the width by the height.

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  • Two face 6 dice (or use the spinner)
  • A place marker for each player

Goal: Be the first player to go through and exit the Area Maze.

How to play:

The players take turns rolling the two dice. They roll once for the width and once for the height of the rectangle. They multiply the numbers and look for the rectangle that has the specific area They need to get a rectangle from the first (left) line to start. Once they are in the maze every turn they must move to any of the rectangles that touch the one they are in, (on any side) to make their way to the last (right) line to exit the maze. If their rolled numbers match the area of the neighboring rectangle they can choose one and move, otherwise, they wait for their next turn.


Below is the game board to print

Below is the google slides version of the game so you can play virtually as well.

Free google slides version.