“TASKS” game – Multiplication, division facts

After creating and sharing TASKS place value and addition/subtraction version with my youngest son, teachers and parents have told us that students are very excited to play this game. I guess its “among us” theme is one of the main reasons. It is a fun game and a lot of practice is done while playing. My dear students and many teachers have asked for a multiplication version so here it is. A fun low floor, high ceiling game for all students.

How to play

This game is played on the multiplication table. The students take one task card each. In the print version you can cut them and in the google slides version they are on the slide (see below) The students take turns rolling a 12 face dice twice ( or two dice at the same time) and multiply the numbers. They find the product on the table and mark that color on their task card. The google slides version uses a spinner that the players will spin twice. If you would like a longer game you can decide that the task have to be done in order. (that is why the task cards have the colors in different order.)

The imposter

When a player rolls doubles the product is a square number. In this case, the imposter appears and sabotages everyone’s tasks. The square numbers on the board are white with a colored border. Look at the border color of the rolled square number./product Everyone who has that color marked on their card must unmark it. (one tile only)

Play with the whole class (big group)

If you would like to play with the whole class you can use the numbered task cards (included in the print and google slides version). Give or assign a task card to each player. The cards all have different color combinations. The game becomes a kind of a bingo game. The teacher or a student rolls two dice. You can project the board on the smartboard. The class multiplies the numbers and every student that has that color marks it on their task card. The imposter works the same way. For virtual play, the google slides version includes the numbered task cards to assign one to each player. If the students know their order number they can match it to the task card. All you need to do is give a copy of the presentation to each student. You can share your screen when spinning the spinner.


This game is mostly luck and multiplication practice, however the players have a choice when finding the number on the board since the numbers repeat. This is a good game for multiplication beginners. If you need a more challenging game I recommend The Great Escape that comes in a web game version as well. Escape rooms is also a more challenging game that requires more recalling and calculations. If you are looking for a similar level game check out Block it!

We hope you find this game useful.

Find the print file and the google slides version below.

Free google slides version

Check out the place value, addition subtraction version of the game for grades 1-13

Tasks – multiplayer game – place value, number order, addition, subtraction

Tasks – multiplayer game – place value, number order, addition, subtraction