Ghost Chase – Addition, subtraction to 20 (+google slides version)

This Ghostly game aims to help students practice addition and subtraction to 20. The print version uses dice and the digital version uses a spinner.

The goal of the game is to catch the other players (ghosts) by landing on the same spot. It’s a “last man standing” game. The ghosts are fighting over the ownership of the Haunted Tower. The last ghost standing takes the Tower.

The players start from 0 and take turns spinning the spinner or rolling the dice.

For the print version roll one or two dice. Two dice allow for more strategy. The students can add or subtract their numbers to get the numbers of steps to move up or down to catch other players. If their spin takes them out of the tower (up or down) they need to start from zero again. The players need a place marker each.

You can not catch another ghost at zero.

Here is the game board to print

and the google slides version.