Block it! Google slides version.

Block it! is one of our most popular print to play and digital games. The coded, digital game is great for two players/groups but doesn’t allow more than that. As per your request, I have created a version of block it! for google slides for a single player and more than two players game. This version works with a spinner instead of a dice. You click the spinner to open a tap on mathcurious site to use the spinner. Two spinners are provided, the basic and the challenge.


The players take turns spinning the spinner. (Click the link under a spinner to open a new tap and use the spinner.) They mark (with their color)  a tile-based on the spinner indication (For example, Multiple of 6, Even, and so on) trying to get four in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. 

The players can mark tiles to block the opponents from making four in a row. 

The wild spin allows a player to mark any tile on the table.

If you would like a more challenging game use the second (challenge) spinner where you will need to mark numbers that share two factors.

The first player to get four in a row is the winner, or if you would like a longer game the player with the most four in a row at the end is the winner.

Here is the link to the free google slides version.

Block it! digital 2 players

Block it! digital single-player

print to play version