“Number Builder 4D” (A digital activity/tool with base 10 blocks)

“Number builder 4D” is a digital activity/tool that works with base ten blocks. We all know how important it is for students to practice building numbers with base ten blocks to gain a deep understanding of place value and regrouping. In my search for the perfect digital activities/games that use 10 base blocks, I only found tools that came without problems to be solved or feedback. I needed something that the students can independently use that provides instant feedback. So I asked my little coders to create one for me, and after a few days of great work here it is!

How the tool works

The students are given a number to build. They drag the correct blocks to build the number. As they do that they can see the number formed and they can compare it to the one they need to build. This way they can add or remove blocks to correct it while seeing how each addition affects the number. Click the undo to remove the wrong block added and click clear to restart. Click next for the next number.

The activity works on computers, tablets and phones.

“Number Builder 4D”

You can use the link below to open in new window and use this in your virtual classroom as an addition to your activities and manipulatives collection.


Find the 6-digit activity and the decimal number builder below.

6-digit activity

Decimal number Builder