Fractions Activity Cards – equivalence, compare, complete one, addition (print and digital)

Gaining a conceptual understanding of fractions early on with visual models is critical.

To avoid students memorizing rules like “ magic tricks” to come up with the answers and then forgetting or misremembering them it is important to help them understand where these rules come from. Teachers provide visual models and manipulatives so that students internalize the meaning of fractions and their operations.

These Fractions Task-Cards aim to help students practice fractions visually by comparing, making one, finding equivalent fractions, and more. I use the cards to facilitate discussions and clear misconceptions early on. It is a great addition to your fractions activities collection.

Here are some samples.

The cards are also available in digital (google slides) form.

The resource includes 30 print fraction cards and 62 digital ones.

Get the full resource with 30 print task cards, 2 posters-cheat sheets, and 62 digital task cards here

Check out these free fraction games. (recognizing fractions, make 1, equivalent fractions)

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Fraction Four (Make one)

Fraction Escape game -complete one whole, equivalent fractions (+google slides version)

Fractions Escape (equivalent fractions)