The Great Escape (Addition)-Digital Version!

Addition to 20

Ages 5+

Here it is! After your request “The Great Escape” (addition) for two players is the first of our games to become digital. check out Blockit! for multiplication.

The game offers a fun, competitive way to practice addition facts and aims to encourage students to apply strategic and problem-solving. A lot of addition practice is done while the players focus on designing their path to escape and on blocking the opponents’ path. The game board is the addition table itself and the answers are right there. Great Escape (Addition) is fun for all players, a low floor-high ceiling game.

The players roll one dice to start.

They start from the number they rolled that is on the outer grey area of the table. (horizontal or vertical)

At their next turn, they roll the 2 dice and add up the numbers with the help of the table. They tap the number tile with the sum. Since the numbers on the table repeat they can choose any same number. For example, if a player rolls 2 and 5, they can tap any 7 on the table. If they tap the wrong number the tile will not be colored.

The players try to tap and color connected tiles (on the side or corner) to make a path to escape. The path needs to end at the opposite side of the table.

The players don’t have to tap/color a connected tile every time. However, their escape path has to be connected to win. They can color tiles to block the opponents’ path but cannot color over an already colored tile. If a player’s path is blocked by an opponent and they have nowhere to move to, they can start over from the outer sides based on their number roll, and they can still use their previously colored tiles for their path.

We hope you enjoy the game! We appreciate any feedback as we are always trying to improve our work. Please like and subscribe!

The goal of the game is to be the first player to escape.

Play here or use this link

Find the print version of the game here