Fraction Four (equivalent Fractions)+google slides version

Fraction Four (equivalent fractions) is a fun simple game to practice equivalent fractions with visual help. The players roll dice or spin a spinner to get a fraction. Then they find an equivalent of their fraction on the board. The first player to make four in a row wins.

The game is available in print and googles slides version.

Print version


  • Print-out of the game board (Two game boards are given one the basic and one for the challenge game. The challenge game has a bigger table of fractions)
  • Two dice 6 with sides. or the spinner.
  • A colored pencil for each player (different colors)
  • The cheat sheet helps the players verify their answers.

You can print and use the spinner below instead if dice. Paste the spinner or card stock and use a paper clip or a plastic spinner. Here is a video of how you can make a spinner with a wire , or a paper clip. You can also use the digital one from the google slides version. Download the spinner with the game boards at the end of the post.

The players take turns rolling the two dice. Every time they use the two numbers from the roll to form a fraction. They use the smaller number as the numerator and the greater number as the denominator. (so that the fractions will not be improper) They look for the equivalent to their fraction on the table/board. They circle the fraction on the board or mark it with an X using their color (or place a cover/ counters). If all the equivalents of that fraction are already taken then the player waits for their next turn to roll.

The player that gets four fractions in a row first (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) is the winner.

The players try to block each other from getting four like in a typical four-in-a-row game.

This game offers good practice and helps students see patterns, find relationships, and understand equivalent fractions better.

It is a good idea to laminate this game board so that you can use it multiple times. Use a different color marker for each player.

Here are the files to print.

Google slides Version

Here is the link to the free google slides version.

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