Math Games with UNO cards 2

UNO is one of our favorite games to play. Our kids keep on inventing new rules and cards to make the game more and more crazy. However, UNO cards are great for practicing mental math skills as well. When our kids were younger we invented a few math games using the colorful UNO cards and some of them we play even now.

Here is one of our favorite ones.

Make a set

Goal: Be the first one to discard all your cards.

Set up

To play this game you need all the number cards, 2 skip turn cards, and 4 +2 cards

Take all the number cards of one color, let’s say green, and keep them in a separate deck.

MIx all the other color number cards, 2 skip turn cards, and 4 +2 cards, shuffle them, and deal 6 to each player. Place the rest of the pile face down as a draw pile.

Take the top 4 cards from the deck with the green cards and place them face up in the middle. Place the rest of the deck face down next to them.

At their turn the players take one of these actions:

  • Play different color number cards in your hand that make one of the green numbers down.
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  • You can do addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. You can also combine operations. The wild card can replace any number/color.
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  • Draw a new card.
  • Play a +2 card and choose a player to take 2 cards. If they have and play a +2 card you must draw 2 cards.

Play the skip turn card at any time to make a player skip a turn.

When a player makes an equation the green card and their cards are discarded and a new green card is turned and put down in the middle with the others.

Watch your opponents to see who has fewer cards. Use your +2 cards wisely. Use your wild card with as many cards as you can. (different color each card to add a challenge))

We hope you like the game.