Ghost Chase game – Positive and Negative integers

Grades 4 and up

If you are here for the google slides version of the game follow the link below. If not, read on for the print version and the instructions.

google slides version

This ghostly game aims to help students practice addition and subtraction of positive and negative integers. It’s a “last man standing” game. The ghosts are fighting over the ownership of the Haunted Tower. The last ghost standing takes the Tower.


  • Print-out game board.
  • Two 6 face dice. On one of the dice, mark a minus sign next to each number (or set of dots). This is your negative numbers’ dice.

The google slides version uses spinners.

The goal of the game is to catch the other ghost (or ghosts) by landing on the same spot.

The players start from 0 and take turns rolling the two dice.

They move according to the sum of their roll. For example, if you roll -5 and 3 you go 5 steps down and 3 steps up. (or just 2 down. -5+3=-2)

To mix it up and practice adding two negative numbers as well, you can mark a minus sign on half the numbers on one dice and the other half numbers on the other dice.

If the sum is zero the player doesn’t move. If your dice roll takes you out of the Tower (beyond 10 or -10) it means you that you got lost and flew out so you start from 0 again. You cannot “catch” a player at 0 if you are starting (entering the house) again.

Here is the game board

google slides version

Hope you enjoy the game.

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