Block it! Addition!

Ages 5+ 2 to 6 players.

We have already shared Block it! as a game to practice multiplication facts. Today we will explain and share ( free print to play) the same game changed to practice addition.


  • 2 Dice
  • color pencils (different color for each player)
  • For this game, we will use the addition table.

You can use a different size table depending on the level your child or students need to practice.

The players take turns rolling 2 dice

  • 2 6-face dice with one side changed to 0 to practice addition facts to 10.
  • 2 6-face dice to practice addition facts to 12.
  • 2 10-face dice to practice addition facts to 20.

The youngest player goes first.

Once they roll the dice, the players add their numbers, find the sum on the table and color that tile. For example, if they rolled a 6 and a 5 they look for 11.

They may color any 11 on the table since 5+6=11 but also 4+7=11 and so on. This is a neat way to remember all the different combinations to make 11.

The players try to color blocks. A block is a group of four connected tiles horizontally, vertically, diagonally or forming a bigger square.

The goal is to get the most blocks before the tiles finish. (at some point there will not be any sets of 4 left). In the end, the players count their blocks and see who is the winner. The players can draw a line with a pencil on each block to make sure they are not double-counting the same tiles.

If you are playing with a small table (addition to 10 or 12) and with younger children that usually don’t have the patience to play a long game, the goal can be to be the first to get a block. So once a player gets a block the game ends. You can play 4 or 2 games on one print out.


The players need to choose the sum on the table that helps them get a “block”. They also need to block their opponents from getting a 4 block by coloring the tiles on their way. The players may not color over already colored tiles.

If you find that your students enjoy the game, think about laminating the printout or a larger table and use whiteboard markers to save paper. I have laminated large tables for “block it!” addition and multiplication on my classroom wall and use it as a math station. It is very popular!

You can also use the game board as a photo and play on a tablet or any other device. Use the marker setting for coloring the tiles.

Block it! Multiplication facts.

Free to print and play