Rush Race 2

Ages 8 and up

Rush Race 2 is a game to practice divisibility, factors, recognizing prime numbers, and square numbers. In this game, the players have to move through the race route using the dice and the cards.

Check out Rush Race 1 for younger children to practice addition to 20.


  • Race-Rush printout.
  • cards (cut the cards and make a draw pile).
  • Two 6-face dice.
  • A small object for position marking.

The players each choose a small object to use as their position marker (a button, a pebble, toy piece) and roll the dice to decide who will go first.

Shuffle the cards and keep them face down as a draw pile.

On their turn, the players roll the dice and draw a card. The dice roll tells them how many spaces they can move through (choose from) and the card what kind of number they can stop at.

For example, if you roll a 5 and you are on 11, then you can move to 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16. If your card says “a prime number”, then you must find a prime number among these five numbers. If one of them is prime then you land on it, otherwise, you stay at your previous position.

Put the used cards in a discard pile to shuffle and use them as a new draw pile.

The cards have several options like,

The prime and square numbers are marked with green and yellow.

The goal is to be the first one to reach a hundred.

Here are the files to print and play. Print the cards twice.