Addition to 10 card game

Mission “Save the Binions”!

“Save the Binions” is a card game that you can print for free and play with your young ones. The game helps practice addition to 10 but you can add the extra cards to practice addition to 20. The game is perfect for students ages 4 – 8. Older students might enjoy this game as well because of its theme, its fast pace, and its competitive element.

The story

The evil professor Madlock has caught a group of Binions from planet Banook. He plans to steal their green power to make himself more powerful.

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Your mission is to help the Binions escape by teleporting back to their planet. They can only teleport when they are in groups of 10 (or 20). The Magic Crystal has some special powers.

Goal: Be the first one to discard all your Binion cards.

Set up

Shuffle the deck and deal 4 cards to each player.

How to play

The youngest player plays first. At your turn play up to 3 Binion cards with a sum of 10 to set them free.

If you don’t have a set that adds up to 10 you must draw one more card and wait for your next turn.

The Magic Crystal card works as a wild card and can replace any number 1-10. However, it cannot be played by itself.

Play the Professor Madlock card at any time to make a player skip a turn. Make sure you play the card before the player takes action.

You can add the numbers 11-20 to the deck to practice addition to 20.

If you have a black and white printer then you can print the cards in grey and let the children color them and add features from their imagination.

If your little ones are just starting to add to 10 you can first practice finding pairs or sets that add up to 10 before playing the game.

Here are the cards to print

Extra cards to include for practicing addition to 20.

Chicken Escape