Splash Math, now Splashlearn is one of our favorite applications for reviewing math concepts and keeping students engaged.

Below are 12 reasons why we think that Splash math is one of the best math applications for grades k-5.

  1. Splashlearn is a well- designed app that offers engaging material and makes it easy for students to practice all the concepts of each grade.
  2. It is a great tool for adjusting math instruction to the students’ needs.
  3. It allows switching from one concept or level to the other in seconds which makes it easy to practice different concepts.
  4. It allows teachers and parents to track the students’ progress through the parent and teacher dashboard.
  5. Teachers and parents are able to navigate through the different grades and concepts and select the level for the student to practice.
  6. Parents and teachers are able to assign the type and number of problems to solve per day.
  7. It saves teachers a lot of the effort of handling worksheets and helps parents who are not sure what kind of work to offer.
  8. The correct answer is shown when a wrong one is given and based on the number and type of wrong answers the program repeats questions and levels.
  9. The website version allows the teacher to track homework, as they can see and track students’ use and progress.
  10. The questions are ordered based on complexity and they present concepts with clear visuals that help students understand and reach the answer.
  11. It is a colorful application with attractive age-appropriate themes and graphics.
  12. Compliments and encouraging comments by friendly characters inspire the students to keep going. The students are also motivated by a set goal on each level that translates to coins they can exchange for prizes. Prizes are animals for their zoo collection, sea creatures for their aquarium or short fun arcade type games that they can play.

Our suggestion

Splashlearn should not replace teacher/parent instruction and should be used only for review once teachers/parents have already covered concepts in class/at home. As mentioned above, wrong answers receive only correction, so students need to be familiar with the concepts.

You do need a paid account to access a substantial amount of the content, which is absolutely fair considering the amount of work that went into creating this app. We believe that is worth the money.

It is possible for students to navigate to the paid subscription page from their own account, which could be dangerous if credit card info is set to auto-fill, so be cautious about that.

Splashlearn is a remarkable application for concept review and a great asset for teachers and parents. Splashlearn is highly recommended by Math Curious.